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Birds of a Feather

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Tuesday's Lunch is a Birds of a Feather. Join the discussion of most interest to you!


  • Making Your Website Accessible to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Communication Service for the Deaf
  • Cost of Broadband in National Policy - Universal Service Fund Discussion
  • Providing CEU Training for Teachers - ACCEL
  • Municipal Wifi
  • BTOP Best Practices - Meetup for monthly call discussing experiences and challenges of implementing projects - New America Foundation's Open Technology Initiative. (James losey@newamerica.net)
  • Open-source software solutions for deploying/managing/monitoring your public computer center(s) (Lawrence Beasley)
  • Defining then Reaching our TARGET audience (advantaged/disadvantaged?) and assisting them in broadband connectivity.
  • Public Policy Advocacy on Broadband Cost 
  • Evaluation Survey Questions
  • Qualitative Stories - what is the "true" impact of the programs in our communities. Lots of examples of folks finishing training, finding jobs or health care, etc.. how to amass the individual "wins" and systematically/quantitatively assess the impact to the communities (i.e., how do we show the "ROI" to the community, so as to build the case for reinvestment (sustainability).
  • Instructor Challenges
  • Working with ESL Students
  • Working with Seniors who reside in senior housing developments
  • How about issues in rural areas - Appalachia, Alaska, Florida, New Mexico, others 
  • Refurbished hardware 
  • Expansion on curriculum development and potential hurdles for entrepreneurial development within our communities using technological resources.




Comments (4)

Bartholomew Gonzalez said

at 12:30 pm on Jun 27, 2011

techniques on how to teach a way to engage on the heart of what cyc is all about.

Michael Maranda said

at 8:26 am on Jun 28, 2011

Topic: rebuild/reboot peer collaborative infrastructure and capacity for the movement.

dforthofer said

at 10:07 am on Jun 28, 2011

Topic: I'd like to have a discussion on refurbished computer vendors and the issue of supply and demand. Here in the Cleveland area we are facing this problem and after speaking with others at this conference this may be a problem across the board.

Michael Maranda said

at 11:58 am on Jun 28, 2011

Angela -- can you add my topic above ? iPad safari wo t let me edit pbwiki richtext

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