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IC3 for Instructors and Participants

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Description: Ashbury Senior Computing Community Center has had a partnership with Certiport for IC3 (Internet and Computing Core Certification) for over 6 years. Join Wanda and Scott for a discussion of what IC3 is, the value for program staff and program participants, and examples of Certiport partnerships.  Don't forget any of the details - make your notes on this wiki page!


Time: Tuesday 11:00-12:00


Location: Roxy Room


Facilitator: Wanda Davis, Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center & Scott Stoddart, Certiport



IC3 CBAIS.pptx 

little or no education

Has had success with course work
being completed

Initially Targeted Seniors
90% retention rate

usually started in the 8th or 9th
grade for training in several

school systems program Grant funded


Results of Senior IC3 training

1st class all seniors 55 - 65

30 of 32 were successful

Certification internationally recognized


Also provide customer service certification

through organization


IC3 is online proctored by admin


Training portion of test does not need proctor

Practice test is open until sept 2011

Scott Stoddart indicates if you experience

issues with IC3 test, contact him


Tekinmdia is Certiport partner

you can go through Teknimedia or

to purchase courseware.  Recommend reviewing other courseware

to determine which is best for your group.


Each students completes all modules

Employability is key

IC3 allows for viewing of digital transcript


Employers look for certifications

IC3 indicates individuals has gone a step further

to improve life and skills


Has IC3 course been implemented in k -12

not as of yet, steps are being made.


Course is self paced,

Ashbury does not teach CYC and

IC3 to students concurrently


Tests costs approximately $90

Course materials costsapproximately $85depending on quantities.


CYC if you can not find email

regarding IC3, contact Scott Stoddart



Has there been success obtaining 3rd party funding?

Ashbury has had some success finding matching funds.


Be creative in administering program


How many tries do each student get in taking test.

2 if exam is Purchased with retake

67% initial pass rate


Anticipated length of course 12 weeks for non-beginners

little or no experience 24 weeks


Formal / structured  1st hour self study , Instructor then presents material

120 hours for no experience, 240 hours with no experience


Exams are from data base, questions drawn randomly...

No 2 test are alike


No BTOP awards have been provided to administer IC3

some locations charge a proctoring exam fee


After passing all IC3 exams

Next step is to become IC3 instructor


IC3 is base for additional certifications

excellent place to start

No cost to become IC3 instructor

Other questions contact Wanda Davis @wdavis@asc3.org 


Scott Stoddart

National Director

Government / Workforce

Certiport Plaza

1276 South 820 East Suite 200

American Fork, Utah 84003















Comments (5)

Jemarius Moore said

at 11:22 am on Jun 28, 2011

If a student completes the course but does not certify, they have still gathered some great computer skills that will help them operate a computer with confidence.

Chenise Slaughter said

at 11:41 am on Jun 28, 2011

That is true! But you want to try and focus on the questions style(wording), that is key to the success in obtaining the IC3 Certification.

Jemarius Moore said

at 11:55 am on Jun 28, 2011

There is an option to become an authorized instructor upon completion of certification.

calvonia@ullexfay.org said

at 7:54 pm on Jun 30, 2011

I wasn't aware that you could become an instructor after completing the certification.

Wanda Davis said

at 3:25 pm on Jul 1, 2011

It's true. You can become an Authorized IC3 instructor. Once you complete the certifications, give Scott Stoddard a call he'll help you with the procudures.

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