Evaluation Tools and Process for Gathering Data

Description:  We all recognize the need to get beyond gathering data on a spreadsheet (or paper!) but what are the options? Since there is no out of the box solution, how have programs customized data collection tools? What is their cost, in terms of set up, maintenance and staffing? Once the tool is chosen, how is data gathered? This is a hot topic so please take notes on this wiki to share with others! 


Time: Tuesday 11:00-12:00


Location: State Room


Facilitator: Colin Rhinesmith, New America Foundation 



Questions for participants in the room:
   ⁃    How many program managers?
   ⁃    How many trainers?
   ⁃    How many evaluators?
   ⁃    How many people are working with single organizations or multiple organizations?
   ⁃    Has anyone started the evaluation process?

Discussing Evaluation
   ⁃    What are we evaluating?

Challenges with the process

   ⁃    What data are we collecting?

   ⁃    How do we measure success? Different organizations have their own definition including: 

Internal Feedback - what is the process for input from trainers

   ⁃    What tools are we using to evaluate our programs?

   ⁃    What is needed?

Outcomes/next Steps
   ⁃    Continuing the discussion

   ⁃    Thinking about sustainability
   ⁃    Sharing tools/metrics (and creating a repository)

Survey Templates
   ⁃    Posting/sharing definitions