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Teaching and Supporting Disabled Program Participants

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Description: Technology accessibility can be overwhelming. Join our discussion of tools, settings and techniques for helping your disabled program participants excel. An important topic you don't want to forget so make sure to add your notes! 


Time: Tuesday 1:30-2:30


Location: Roxy Room


Facilitator: Gina Baxter, Connected Living




Perfect for the Job because ;

business person

Senior community qualifies if you are disabled

found 30 - 45 year olds


Disabilities defined

4 kinds

Socail anxieties for mental disabilities Not apparent

Physical disabilities more apparent Apparent

Learning disability Not Apparent

Socio-economic disability


Session will discuss all


1. Disability Sub Category

2. Tools

3. Best practices


a) Social Anxiety -unable to sit or be around groups (Stops people from connecting).

  • Seek to connect 1 on 1 
  • Printed Lessons or Agenda Postings - eliminates degree of fear of unknown
  • Allow them to sit where they want 
  • Encourage by advising we are learning together, not knowing is okay 

     Depression - Long term feeling of sadness. Not transient

  • First tool is the internet, using internet allows individual to see / learn new things      
  • Family photo sites (know individuals history to determine if viable). Find what interest student. 
  • Don't under estimate power of You Tube, Gets people in state where they can learn.

          There are websites that access and suggest treatment options

     Paranoid Schizophrenia

  • Allow people freedom of movement 
  • Respect Fears, they are real to client 
  • Let them know purpose for info being gathered.
  • Explain Security procedures currently integrated  

     Physical Disability (Stroke / Arthritis)

  • Dragon Software (converts talk to text) 
  • Optical track ball, Fingers move mouse
  • Flat Mouse- allows movement on lap or other surfaces 


     Visually Impaired

  •  Visikey enhancced visabilty internet keyboard
  • Put raised areas on Keyboards
  • Jaws Screen Reader
  • Zoom text Magnifer
  • Mooo Magnifer
  • Hp Touch Smart (I pad on steroids)

     Hearing Impaired

  • FM unit
  • Reduce Outside /Ambient noise 


  • Intel Reader 


  • Short Attention Span 
  • Use Large screen Monitor


  • Queing
  • subtle reminders

     Cognitive impairment (closed head injury)

  • Queing
  • subtle reminders
  • Distribute copies                                                                                                                                 


  • Illiterate- I forgot my glasses
  • Age appropriate reading materials / Use Websites
  • Ultimate Phonics software
  • Use volunteers


     Past Drug and Alcohol Abuse

  • Short Attention Span
  • Use Large screen Monitor


     Current Drug or Alcohol abuse 

  • Respectfully decline allowing individual to disrupt learning

          process for other students.



     Closing recommendations 

  • Use more handouts
  •  Short or small People make neccessary adjustments
  •  Keep like minded indivuals together

Make the neccessary accommodations for all students whether cognitive or physical disabilities.



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