Teaching Online Health Resources

Description: Are you teaching your program participants how to research health issues, how to create and maintain a personal health record or how to research health services? What online health resources do you recommend? Tyana and Shaletha will lead the discussion of how to teach health related topics and what online resources are the most helpful. Be sure to list the great resources on this wiki page! 


Time: Tuesday 2:45-3:30


Location: Roxy Room


Facilitator: Tyana Hughley, Akron Urban League & Shaletha Mitchell-Davis, Cuyahoga Community College


Notes:  The files from the seminar have been uploaded for your convenience.  Our contact information is located at the bottom of the Managing Your Health Online Overview document.  Additionally, I have uploaded a file with a version of the my P.O.W.E.R. cards that you can use.  These are smaller than those that were passed out, about the size of business cards.  Remember to simply put a small strip of magnet, available at arts n crafts store on the back.  These make wonderful little tokens at minimal expense.   We wish you WELL and please contact us if you have any questions.



      If you are sexually active know your status 


  1. STD's highest among teens and Seniors
  2. African American housholds: depression, Dementia, Schizophrenia
  3. Diabetes is a plague to seniors


     Use internet for Research           



     Learn how to access credible websites

          More of a responsibility


         Some Barriers include understanding pamplets / handouts

         Hospitals are going global with digital medical records


         Realage.com gives self assessment after account creation

         Also see CDC Websites


          Power  Super



          Walk, Water, Wellness

          Excercise, Eat well. eliminate, enjoy,

          Relax, Reduce, Run, Research