Fast-Forward New Mexico

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The New Mexico State Library has partnered with the University of New Mexico, Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship, and 1st-Mile Institute to propose Fast-Forward New Mexico, an initiative to increase statewide broadband adoption and promote computer literacy and Internet use. The project intends to reach vulnerable populations, Hispanic and Native American users, small businesses, and entrepreneurs through small group trainings at public and Tribal libraries in 15 communities across the state. The partners estimate the project will result in 3,000 new household broadband subscribers, 1,000 new business and institutional broadband subscribers, and 3,200 new users at public computer centers. They intend to develop programs for first-time computer users that will address computer literacy and Internet usage. The New Mexico State Library also plans to provide training in computer and Internet use for small organizations and business owners. The Fast-Forward New Mexico project intends to improve New Mexico’s ranking of 46th nationally in percentage of Internet users, 49th in e-government, and 36th in broadband telecommunications when compared to other states, according to a report by the Kauffman Foundation and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. This proposal is part of Governor Bill Richardson’s five-year plan to phase in “broadband for all.”


This project is funded through a two-year grant of$1,457,488 from the U.S Department of Commerce’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program.



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