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Spokane Broadband Technology Alliance

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About Our Project:


The Spokane Broadband Technology Alliance is proposing a joint Sustainable Broadband Adoption/Public  Computer Centers project. The Spokane Broadband Technology Alliance Sustainable Broadband Adoption project, in combination with its associated Public Computer Centers project, plans to train an estimated 12,000 people over three years with an expected broadband adoption rate of 1,500 new broadband users, including small businesses. The project proposes to provide training from basic computer skills to advanced multi-media production, e-commerce, and Internet for small businesses, as well as conduct community-based outreach campaigns to highlight the benefits of broadband for vulnerable populations of Spokane.


This project is funded through a two-year grant of$1,283,640 from the U.S Department of Commerce’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program.



Our Mission:


The Sustainable Broadband Adoption project plans to:


  • Educate small businesses about creating an online presence, selling on the Internet, and using social media, and low-cost, targeted web advertising.
  • Establish an ongoing system of training and support to introduce new users to broadband.
  • Provide training at six public libraries, and 11 not-for-profit organizations and community centers to enhance work/life skills and demonstrate the benefits of broadband access.
  • Provide computer and multimedia training at libraries and community centers.


The Public Computer Center project plans to:


  • Establish three new public computer centers and expand 14 existing centers throughout Spokane’s poorest neighborhoods to serve more than 5,000 additional users per week. 
  • Provide training for vulnerable populations including at-risk and homeless youth, low-income and disabled populations.
  • Equip a vehicle with mobile wireless to bring computers and training programs to other organizations and hard -to-reach populations. 


 Project Partners:


  • City of Spokane
  • Contract-Based Education
  • Corbin Senior Center (SBA)
  • Crosswalk Teen Homeless Shelter
  • East Central Community Center
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Family Outreach Center
  • Medicine Wheel (SBA)
  • Northeast Community Center
  • Peaceful Valley Community Center
  • Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs
  • Spokane Public Library
  • Spokane YMCA
  • The Arc of Spokane
  • Volunteers of America
  • West Central Community Center (PCC)




Karen Michaelson


1317 West Second Ave.

Spokane, WA 99201 

















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