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Group 8

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Opportunities.docx Opportunities.docx gic Community Impacts: K-12

Group 8


Group Members:

Josh from NY

Sallie from CA

Shannon from Akron

Steve from Coshocton

Teleange  Cleveland

Pam, Cleveland

Ingrid from LA

Julius from Lexington


Activity 1 - Share Stories

- Have one of your group members take notes using this wiki page. 

Bill from Winston- a student's car broke down, so she walked to the computer distribution to pick up her desktop and was planning on carrying the desktop home. 

Steve from ACCEL- main problem is actually getting an Internet connection





Activity 2 - Extract Insights

- Capture your group's insight statements below.

Engaging one person can  impact a larger community.....Technology can change lives.....Gaining trust is paramount....Everyone should be afforded the same opportunities....Everyone is an opportunity to connect....Our nation must strive to support education to advance lives...Personal barriers "disbelief" requires relationship builiding...reward for the student is great...Opening a mind to one possibility can open it to many others....Parents will do what it takes when they understand the value of the opportunity.....Opportunities are opened when one takes initiative to further themself....Making a small effort can change a person's life in a large way...Parents gain greater insight into happenings at school & partner with the school.......Technology helps gain resources....REAL TIME info empowers parents to take an active role in their childls education




Activity 3 - Opportunity Areas

- Capture your groups "How might we..?" statements. 

Build trust?

Communicate that we value each person? 

Engage at all opportunities?

Break the barrier of understanding the value of access?

Collect data to demonstrate the value of our programs?

Assist undocumented workers?

Reach out to community leaders to develop trust?

Support our "graduates" to continue to learn?

Leverage a price point for access?

Connect non English speakers to their families in home country?

Advocate within our communities to promote digital literacy for all?



Activity 4 - Wrap Up

- Record your group's thoughts.Opportunities.docx

Rural areas have major concern due to distance between homes needing access.

Access at Community Centers/ churches, etc is the current solution.

Each area has unique and common challenges to overcome in our attempts to provide access to all- this will take continued  problem solving and individuals with passion to make our dreams today a reality for the future.

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