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CBAIS Attendee List

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CBAIS Conference Attendees are listed alphabetically. Attendees are welcome to add their email address.



Last Name First Name Affiliation Email Address
Abiola Paul   Cuyahoga  Community College (CYC)  
Ames Cathy Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) cames@accelonline.org 
Anderson Iris  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Artschwager Eva Fast Forward New Mexico eartschw@unm.edu 
Bailey Ryan  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) rbailey@accelonline.org 
Baller Jim  Baller Herbst Law Firm  
Barron Kim Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc kbarron@c-s-d.org
Baxter Gina Connected Living, Inc.   
Baylor Ginger Akron Public Schools Board of Education  
Beasley Lawrence Las Vegas Urban League  
Becker Samantha University of Washington Information School  
Benton Charles Benton Foundation  
Bolden Thurman  Focus Hope (CYC)  
Bolden Desiree K12 - Lincoln West Parent Liaison  
Boutilier Sybil San Francisco Dept of Aging & Adult Services  
Boyko Brenda Mexican Institute of Greater Houston  
Breaux Vernia  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Breeden Laura National Telecommunications and Info Admin  
Breitbart Joshua New America Foundation, Open Technology Initiative  
Brooks Mike  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) mbrooks@accelonline.org 
Brown Chris  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Budd Juanita Austin Free-Net  
Byrd Ingrid Computers for Youth - Los Angeles  
Callahan Bill  OneCommunity (CYC) bcallahan@onecommunity.org
Campbell Janine  Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Castrovillari Andrea One Community (CYC)  
Carland Phil  WinstonNet (CYC)  
Carthon Imani  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Century Janet Century Photography  
Cherney Laura  Miami-Dade County Public Schools LCherney@dadeschools.net 
Ciesla Jim Northern Illinois University  
Coker Harold  Focus Hope (CYC)  
Collins Tamara  Las Vegas Urban League  
Colon Gloria  WinstonNet (CYC)  
Cozart David  Lexington Urban League (CYC)  
Crick Gene Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network  
Cyler Rosilyn  Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Dailey Dharma  Deep Tech Research Consultancy  
Davenport Lee One Economy  
Davidson Cathy  WinstonNet (CYC)  
Davis Wanda  Ashbury Senior Center (CYC) wdavis@asc3.org 
Davis Murray Matrix Human Services (CYC) mdavis@matrixhs.org 
Davis-Moore Monica "Niki" Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Dawson Christie Connect Arkansas cdawson@connect-arkansas.org
Defalco Mark Appalachian Regional Commission  
Delgado Herb  Focus Hope (CYC)  
Dettra Scott  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) sdettra@accelonline.org 
Dreshaj Pleurat  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC) cyc.pleurat@gmail.com 
Dutro Matt  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) mdutro@accelonline.org 
Ehrnschwender Linda  INFOhio  
Eiben Amy  Famicos Foundation (CYC)  
Elder Jenny Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) jelder@accelonline.org 
Ellington David  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Feliciano Millie  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Flesher Tara  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) tflesher@accelonline.org 
Forrest Jim Technology For All  
Forthofer Deb  Lorain County Community College (CYC) cyc.debbie@gmail.com 
Fudge Marcia US Congresswoman    
Garcci Rolando  Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Garcia Cecilia Benton Foundation cgarcia@benton.org 
Garrett Michelle  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Gilchrist Kavita NYC Department of Education  
Glass Mary  Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Goff Lynda  One Community (CYC)  
Gonick Lev Case Western University  
Gonzalez Jessica   Esperanza, Inc. (CYC)  
Gonzalez Bart Lorain County Community College (CYC)  
Gordo Blanca UC Berkeley/International Computer Science Institute  
Graham Cathy Sign Language Interpreter  
Griffiths Kami  Community Technology Network  
Gruber William Neighborhood Technology Fund  
Gump Jill  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) jgump@accelonline.org 
Hawkins Jan  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Hay Jim OneCommunity (CYC) jhay@onecommunity.org 
Heileman Chad  Lorain County Community College (CYC)  
Henderson Jai  Lexington Urban League (CYC)  
Henry Charles  Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Hill Charles Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Hoffman John ZeroDivide jhoffman@zerodivide.org 
Holland Patrick RET3  
Howard Tim  Lorain County Community College (CYC)  
Hrutkai Hilary Best Buy  
Hughley Tyana  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Hung Chen-Ling National Taiwan University  
Irvin-Lee Kimberly  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Jackimowicz Robert Cleveland City Council  
Jefferies Cheryl  WinstonNet (CYC)  
Jefferson Francine National Telecommunications and Info Admin  
Johnson Toni  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Johnson Marva  Bright House Networks  
Johnson Julius  Lexington Urban League (CYC)  
Jones Caleen  Child Care Coordinating Council  (CYC)  
Jones Crystal The Akron Neighborhood Trust  
Jorgensen LeAnn Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.  
Kamber Thomas Older Adults Technology Services  
Kelley Kevin Cleveland City Council  
Kelly Danny  K12 - Lincoln West Parent Liaison  
Kendal Kristin  Matrix Human Services (CYC)  
Kendrick Sekoya Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Kennard Katrina EdLab Group - Communities Connect Network Project/BTOP kkennard@edlabgroup.org 
Keyes David City of Seattle Community Technology Program david.keyes@seattle.gov, seattle.gov/tech
Kiliani Peter  Urban Affairs Coalition   
Knowles Sherry Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Malhotra Kunal
NYC Department of Education (CYC Volunteer)  
Lambert Opal Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) olambert@accelonline.org 
Lewis Maureen National Telecommunications and Info Admin  
Light Barb Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD lightb@eup.k12.mi.us  
Lindsey Brett One Community (CYC)  
Linton Shannon  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Lipps Lilia OneCommunity (CYC)  
Logan Michael  Child Care Coordinating Council  (CYC)  
Lohr Chris Old Brooklyn CDC  
Losey James New America Foundation, Open Technology Initiative losey@newamerica.net 
Lowenstein Andrew Connected Living, Inc.  
Loy Alice  Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship  
Luckey Amy ZeroDivide amy@zerodivide.org 
Magnuson Mary Blandin Foundation memagnuson@blandinfoundation.org 
Makhani Melissa  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) mmakhani@accelonline.org 
Maranda Michael MAIN  
Marteniz Ben  Lexington Urban League (CYC)  
Martin Steve  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) smartin@accelonline.org 
Martin Eric Child Care Coordinating Council  (CYC)  
Mason Elaine  Lexington Urban League (CYC)  
Mattison Nick Clear  
McCants James  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
McClure Charles  Information Institute, Fl State Univ  
McDaniels Kevin Cleveland Foundation  
McDowell Charles  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
McFarland James  Lexington Urban League (CYC)  
Menz-Erb Cindy Computers for Youth - New York City  
Miller David Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc.  
Miller Nicole  Lorain County Community College (CYC)  
Miller Tom OneCommunity (CYC) tom.miller@onecommunity.org 
Mitchell-Davis Shaletha  Ashbury Senior Center (CYC)  
Montemayor-Lenz Sally California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office  
Moore Kevin  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Moore Jemarius  Lexington Urban League (CYC)  
Morton  Jeanne  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Mosley Richard  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Mossberger Karen University of Illinois at Chicago  
Motts William Focus Hope (CYC)  
Ndukwe Emeri  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Nelson Ruby City of Warrensville Heights  
Nice James Imaginetworks  
O'Boyle Todd University of Delaware/Institute for Public Administration ttoboyle@udel.edu
Olinger Jason  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) jolinger@accelonline.org 
Orosco Anders Elisa Foundation for California Community Colleges  
Park Bill  WinstonNet (CYC)  
Patterson Carmen  Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Pelton Stephen Web Wise Seniors  
Pillow Maria  Matrix Human Services (CYC)  
Prejean-Motanky Renee RPM Marketing   
Preston Michael NYC Department of Education mpreston@schools.nyc.gov
Radford Calvonia  Lexington Urban League (CYC) calvona@ullexfay.org 
Redd Arnold  Focus Hope (CYC) arnold.redd@focushope.edu 
Reed Will Technology For All  
Rhinesmith Colin New America Foundation, Open Technology Initiative  
Ribant Michelle Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD  
Richardson DeWayne Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Rogers David Mission West Virginia, Inc  
Rourke Scot OneCommunity (CYC)  
Ruiz Victor   Esperanza, Inc. (CYC)  
Rutland W Dean  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Ryan Cheri  Lorain County Community College (CYC)  
Samuels Jason  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Sandoval Pablo Broadband Rhode Island (BBRI)  
Saniter Stephanie City of Milwaukee  
Santiago Nora  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Schartman Samantha  OneCommunity (CYC)  
Schoenberger  Robert  Cleveland Plain Dealer  
Schroeder Jason  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) jasonschroeder@accelonline.org 
Scott Pamela   Fairfax Development Corp (CYC)  
Semanik Anthony Focus Hope (CYC)  
Seward James  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Shanahan Jim  Lorain County Community College (CYC)  
Shareef Ameen  Focus Hope (CYC)  
Shewmaker Cassie Grant Thornton  
Shipitalo Sue  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) sshipitalo@accelonline.org 
Shreve LeeAnn Future Generations Graduate School leeann@future.edu
Sibley Carla Akron Public Schools  
Siefer Angela  ShinyDoor - One Community (CYC) angela@shinydoor.com
Siuda Ania  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC) cyc.siuda@gmail.com 
Slaughter Chenise  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Smith Quentin Child Care Coordinating Council  (CYC)  
Smith Bridgette  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC)  
Smith  Cherrie  Tampa Housing Authority   
Sneede Rozell   Cleveland Housing Network (CYC) cyc.sneede@gmail.com 
Southwick Shane Alaska State Library  
Spearman Dawn  Matrix Human Services (CYC)  
Stachkunas Matt Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Stager Joshua Computers for Youth - New York City  
Stephenson Sarah  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) sstephenson@accelonline.org 
Stingel Ryan Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) rstingel@accelonline.org 
Stoddart Scott  Certiport, Inc  
Strong Bruce  Matrix Human Services (CYC) bstrong@matrixhs.org 
Strover Sharon University of Texas  
Suttton  Quinn  Certiport, Inc  
Tate Monique  Focus Hope (CYC)  
Tennant Scott OneCommunity (CYC)  
Thomas Teleange Sisters of Charity Foundation  
Tosuksri Pahniti  Cleveland Housing Network (CYC) cyc.pahniti@gmail.com 
Trotter Laurence Fairfax Renaissance Development Corp. (CYC)  
Tucker Karen  WinstonNet (CYC)


Turner-Lee Nicol  Joint Center for Political Studies  
Vanacora Cheryl University of Minnesota  
Van Dell Amy  Manatee Education Foundation (CYC)  
Van Leer Denise   Fairfax Development Corp (CYC)  
Veneziano David ZeroDivide david@zerodivide.org 
Vogelsang Susan The Akron Neighborhood Trust  
Wellons-Glover Denise  Child Care Coordinating Council  (CYC) tfpf2f@yahoo.com
Whitfield Frank Lorain County Community College (CYC)  
Willett Krissa  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) kwillett@accelonline.org 
Williams Tia  Matrix Human Services (CYC)  
Williams Ruth ZeroDivide ruth@zerodivide.org 
Wingert Larry  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Wiseman Chuck  Appalachian Center for Collaborative and Engaged Learning  (CYC) cwiseman@accelonline.org 
Woods Monica  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Woods Candice  Matrix Human Services (CYC)  
Wren Liz  WinstonNet (CYC)  
Wright Fred  Akron Urban League (CYC)  
Wu-Chu Stella San Francisco Aging and Adult Services Dept  
Young Keith  Child Care Coordinating Council  (CYC) tfpcyc_young@yahoo.com 
Yuki Vicky City of Seattle Community Tech Program vicky.yuki@seattle.gov


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