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Program Evaluation

Page history last edited by Pahniti Tom Tosuksri 9 years, 1 month ago

Program Evaluation

What data should we be collected other than aggregate connection data?

Skills Assessment (Pre/Post)

Meaningful use (How are they using those skills at home?)

Impact (How has it changed their lives?)

                Workforce Development

                                How many got an interview

                                How many got a job

                                How many improved their current place of employment


                                How many pursued higher education and enrolled

                Health Care

                                How many stated that it improved their medical awareness

                Financial Literacy

                                How many started using online for banking, etc.


                              If there are children in the home, how has it affected them and their education?

Splitting up modules into sections and doing evaluations at each juncture

                Skills, Program, and Instructor evaluation

                Should it be a test or a self-assessment?

Testimonials – put a face to the story

                Photo & story

                Instructors select Star SBA’s


                Client self-written story



Comfortable if being assessed on a regular basis

  1. Pre-assessment (at intake)
    1. Gauging knowledge client begins with
    2. Basic Skills assessment (after x# of modules)
      1. Ensure material is retained
      2. Customer Satisfaction
      3. Post-Training Assessment
        1. Skills acquired and to be used
        2. Follow-up survey (30-60 days)
          1. Skills used
          2. Impact
          3. Customer Satisfaction & Program Evaluation


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