Group 2

Strategic Community Impacts K-12


Parent’s Aspiration’s for their children


  1.  Education/graduation  (but not always)
  2. Jobs-  survival, providing for needs, 
  3. Interpreters for adults in the family members;  taking on  adult roles for the family
  4. Transfer back lessons learned


Do schools, community orgs support parent’s dreams and aspirations for their children?


  1. Yes, by preparing them for the digital world
  2. They reinforce things parents want their children to know through focused; direction, motivation, inspiration and training
  3. Reach parents first, then child comes
  4. They provide connections to colleges, IT info, extended education and training opportunities
  5. Support between schools to expand opportunities for mentoring, tutoring and internships


What are parent’s perceptions of digital resources?


  1. It’s a literacy development tool
  2. It’s a source for closing the information gap
  3. Allows for participation in larger society
  4. It supports formal education and is a tool for enhancing learning through the many educational websites
  5. Good to teach while their young



Challenges parents face w/educating their children

  1.  Lack of quality time with students
  2. Lack of resources  (books),  computers , etc.
  3. Money
  4. Usable knowledge of relevant subject matter


What are the relationships between the parents, school and community? Where do they interact or intersect?

  1.  Some parents are active, but not enough
  2. Some parents expect schools to teach their children, not only academics , but character skills as well .
  3. Parents feel that their only responsibility is to ensure that child goes to school and graduates.


What are the parent’s perceptions of the child’s teacher or school?

  1.  Many feel that teachers could do a better job and that schools need more resources


What are the parents’ obstacles to obtaining home broadband access?

  1.  Money
  2. Access, primarily  in rural communities and smaller communities


II.  Solutions


  1.  Re-educate parents on the value of education.  (engage them 1st)
  2. Utilize available resources;  libraries, community tech centers, CYC


III.  Plan of action


Response to A.-  Create programming around children teaching parent something that they have learned in technology


Response to B.-  Outreach; Distribute info via online media