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Evaluation Resources

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For lack of a better shared working space, we are posting SBA and PCC evaluation surveys, process documents, etc to this page. Grantees are sharing their evaluation documents in order to support the other grantees.


To post a file to this page:

  • Click the EDIT tab above the page title.
  • Click Images and Files tab to your right.
  • Click upload files. Choose your file.
  • Put the cursor on this page where you would like your file to appear. Click on the file you just uploaded (which you can see in the list of files to your right).


BTOPTrainingIntakeSurvey-QuestionResearch.doc  - created by ZeroDivide to help choose evaluation questions that can be compared to existing digital inclusion research.


OnlineSurvey-Future Generations.pdf

Business Survey - Future Generations.pdf

Baseline Survey - Future Generations.pdf


A fantastic group in Seattle, Organizational Research Services (ORS) has developed a series of evaluation workshops and have graciously agreed to share their materials. The presentations were designed for libraries, but the content is widely applicable, and incredibly practical. The slides from these workshops, covering a full introduction to Outcome-Based Evaluation (Outcomes for Success!); data collection - selecting methods and tools; and managing and putting that data to use, are attached below:


ORS OFS Full Day Workshop 033010.pdf

KCLS Coordinators Session 3 Data Collection 011411.pdf

KCLS Session3 Preparing and Analyzing Data 090910.pdf


End of class survey created by and used by CYC Appalachia.


Philadelphia BTOP Evaluation Instruments

Please see our blogpost which explains these instruments in greater detail:



 For questions or to contact us on this issue, please email oti.fieldops.research@newamerica.net. 




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