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SBA PCC Evaluation Working Group August 9, 2011

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SBA/PCC Evaluation Working Group
August 9, 2011 Notes




Laura Breeden, NTIA    
Francine Jefferson, NTIA
Lynda Goff, OneCommunity
Cecilia Garcia, Benton Foudnation
Cathy, Grant Thornton
Cortney Leach, COSLA
Danielle Martin
Bill Price, State of FL
Kistine, OTI

Angela Siefer, OneCommunity

ASR looking at info that can be pulled from public data sets. Determining impact of BTOP. Cannot share details.

Purpose of this group -
1. Help guide NTIA to help grantees with evaluation.
2. Share eval materials. Poll questions and pull the recurring questions.

Laura - October conference (OneCommunity and NTIA). Could coordinate some of our activities at the conference and provide resources at the conference.

Cecilia - think of evaluation in terms of target population? Or target audience as in who might be future funders.

Lynda - for many SBA PCC projects, no money for evaluation so can we do a fast track kind of evaluation process that is still effective?

Laura - Emy has been at Ford and ZeroDivide. She could provide valuable insight. Laura could also provide insight. Also have 2 BTOP grantees who are also funders. Issue with funders is often - what is the impact on the individual and the community?

Angela - 1. Discussion of impact. 2. How to gather and process.

Laura - In some locations can pull longitudinal data. Projects are already gathering data. A lot to work with. Most are not at square 1.

Lynda - Value questions in the data. How to prove why the program is valuable. OneCommunity looking at how private industry might find our work useful and thus provide funding.

Laura - 3 For-profits to demonstrate value proposition.

Laura - who needs Evaluation 101? Who needs help at the 201 level?

101 - How to demonstrate the value proposition. Hear from funders.
How to engage participatns in the data gathering.

201- What can I do with my data? What questions can I add? How do I feed this into the value proposition?

Examples of instruments and tools. Location - CBAIS wiki unless another option comes up. Access is easily granted by all who request. Share evaluation resources here: http://connectyourcommunity.pbworks.com/w/page/42238152/Evaluation%20Resources

Angela - use webinars to get grantees to share tools. Laura will put on to do list.

Cortney - does not have public space for sharing. Happy to share what they have. Has a survey that a lot of libraries are using. Has training materials from Organizational Research Services. Folks want a step by step of how to gather data. Cortney will post resources to CBAIS wiki.

Laura - Would like to share evaluation help from America Connects grants. Will ping EDC.
Mini evaluation workshop at upcoming OneCommunity NTIA conference (Mid-Course Workshop for BTOP Grantees).
Looking for interns. Has 1 pager can distribute.

Angela & Lynda will post CYC data questions to CBAIS wiki.

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